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This free 14-page pdf on The Essential Patanjali Yoga Sutras covers 74 sutras or statements from the original 196 sutras. These 74 sutras are the most relevant sutras and have been selected from this ancient text by Radhikaji. While most translations and commentaries are complicated and academic in nature, this transliteration by Radhikaji in the living Samaya Tradition is simple and easy to read. It is ideally suited for meditators since the Yoga Sutras is an ancient guide or handbook for meditators.

One of the finest and simplest practices Atma Vichara relates relatively unknown. It is also known as Internal Dialogue or Self Enquiry. This 6-page article is translated down the German article written by Radhikaji for a German magazine.

One of the major reasons why sincere seekers do not progress in spite of daily meditation is incorrect lifestyle. Adhikara is a short 18-page pdf which explains the meaning of qualification and how one can prepare oneself for higher insights with a firm foundation of yogic lifestyle. 

In this 4-page overview of the Mandukya Upanishad, Radhikaji gives us the essence of each verse, in simple and easy to understand language.

Asanas are an important but only a small practice of a systematic approach to Superconscious Meditation. This 57-page pdf on Asanas: Preparation for Meditation explains why we need them. It also lists some important asanas and how to practice them correctly as that the practitioner can leave  behind body awareness to progress into the deeper layers of the mind.

This excellent vector graphic of the Yogic Anatomy summarizes everything you need to know yourself! 

Breath is the bridge between the world and the mind. Breath Awareness in meditation is an essential practice. This 1-pager on Breath Observation is a complementary exercise to Breath Awareness.



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Shakti and Shakta  von John Woodroffe/Arthur Avalon

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