Yoga Mentoring 1:1 mit Radhika-ji

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What is Yoga Mentoring with Radhikaji? This page explains in detail what the mentoring program is about, for whom it is suitable and also for whom it is not suitable. 

Our Tradition is over 6000 years old. For millennia the teachers of our Tradition treated their students like their own children and welcomed them in their homes. This was no mere book learning. Living together with the teacher, the students learned to eat, breath and live meditation. But before the teacher can fill the cup of the seeker with knowledge and wisdom, she or he must help the seeker to “empty his cup” of old deep rooted habit patterns of thinking, only then can the teacher lead the seeker to his own intuitive fountain of Inner Wisdom. 

Guru-Shishya Parampara: The unbroken teacher-student lineage

This Tradition comes down from the ancient rishis of the Upanishads. In  the Gurukula, the home of the guru, the teacher, the householder sages of the Upanishads nurtured the young students and revealed to them the mysteries of living and dying. 

Upanishad means "sitting close to". The student sits together with the guru, the teacher and listens carefully and contemplates. This is not intellectual learning based on book knowledge. It is based on the Oral Tradition. The lineage is the cornerstone of the Oral Tradition. This teacher-student relationship is not about joining courses in large institutions, getting certificates or titles. The only thing that counts is how the student evolves. To evolve the student must do sadhana or practice, thus the student is known as a sadhaka.This kind of Yoga education is about unlearning the  limitations created by the conscious mind, helping it to expand, by becoming aware of the unconscious mind. This is the highest form of education.

This system acknowledges that there can be no standardized form of learning and unlearning in Yoga Meditation. Each individual is unique and thus only a 1:1 relationship with an authentic teacher can transform a student. 

In this traditional approach the student evolves for himself. He may teach eventually as well, but he does not enter this relationship to get a certificate at the end. The relationship is not about learning and information; it is about unlearning and attaining wisdom through direct experience. Thus, the emphasis is not on aparavidya, scriptural knowledge or professional knowledge, but rather on paravidya, the inner wisdom that reveals the mysteries of living and dying. 

In a traditional system the hours do not matter, since all depends on merit as assessed by the teacher. A student may spend up to 15 years under the tutelage of the teacher! In a world where students are running from one teacher to another, trying out their own experiments, this program is unique. The teacher takes responsibility for the welfare of the student and preserving the lineage of Samaya, the internal way.

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